July, 2011

Will Flat Stomach Exercises Get You a Six Pack?

Will Flat Stomach Exercises Get You a Six Pack?
I don’t think anyone can argue that a flat stomach for most is as desirable as striking the lucky lotto numbers. But the question is – do flat stomach exercises actually work in achieving the chiseled look that we so desperately try to achieve? Everywhere you look on the internet there is a new belly blaster gadget that promises to teach you how to get a six pack in 6 minutes a day. These gimmicks have been around ever since marketers began to realize how massive the fitness industry is. Let me tell you right now – these items DO NOT WORK! 

The problem with exercising is this – it’s just exercising! You can do flat stomach exercises until you are depleted and frustrated on a daily basis and still never achieve the results you desire. There is no crunch or variation of any abs exercising that will get rid of belly fat and produce a toned look. The key to getting a flat stomach is a combination of things starting with YOU living a healthy active lifestyle that is nutrition conscious and goal oriented. Society has finally caught on (I think) to the fact that proper DIET accounts to 75% of your success in any weight loss program. The remaining 25% can be divided into two major subgroups – exercising and genetics. Of course there are other variables which will affect the rate at which you gain or lose weight such as sleep (or lack thereof) and even stress, but the majority is diet.


If flat stomach exercises aren’t the answer, then what is?

The single biggest factor that helps people lose stomach fat is their ability to stay motivated towards their goals. If you hang out with slobs who watch TV all day, smoke a pack of cigarettes and couldn’t make it around the block if their life depended on it, then guess what – you will become one of them. Now I’m not saying that everyone in your life has to be a fitness freak, but it’s good to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

It hasn’t been until recently that you could actually find a support group on-line which can help keep you motivated, provide you with the nutritional information you require and give you the inside scoop on which exercises will actually benefit you the most on your proverbial quest to become lean. No combination of flat stomach exercises will ever produce results that you will be happy with. You need a total body transformation program designed by professionals and tailored to fit your specific needs.

The answer is Motivate Fitness. They have changed the lives of hundreds of people and if you let them, they will change yours too.


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Robbie MacNeil

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