Vegan Cleanse

This category contains my journey on an 8 week vegan cleanse to detoxify my body.

Update. Day 4 of the vegan cleanse.

Update. Day 4 of the vegan cleanse.

green shakeHey guys

I am 4 days in on the cleanse and I have to tell you I’m feeling pretty good. I think after a few weeks it will be pretty easy. One thing that I like that I’m sure not many diets have is the freedom to eat as much as I want. I mean most diets you are restricted to a certain amount of calories thus restricting the amount of food you eat. Well I ate a ton today.

What exactly are some of the types of foods I’m eating?

Started off the morning with my usual shake this isn’t out of the ordinary for me as I am used to having shakes as I’m sure most bodybuilders or anyone who works out usually supplements this way but… the stuff in this shake is loaded with “SUPERFOODS” things like hemp hearts, hemp protein powder, Green Vibrance (this has 25 billion probiotics from 12 different strains) flax seed, coconut, Vega and a splash of rice milk to blend it all smooth. Fire up the Vita Mixer and in about a minute flat you have a nice crazy green shake. Mmmmmm Yummy.

How are the workouts going?

I have to be honest the last few weeks I have slacked off a bit my parents came out to visit for a week and I was away for a few days although I did work out in the hotel one day. Gotta get the workout in where you can. I’m back at it now when I’m at work it gets pretty regimented. Eat, sleep, workout and work. There is no gym anywhere near this rig so I have the trusty dumbbells and bench.

I trained arms today and after 4 days on the cleanse and no meat I have to say I’m not noticing any strength loss I feel a little crappy just cause I only worked out about 2-3 times a week for the last three but I’m sure once I get a few rounds in I’ll be feeling better.

The brain game?

I think not eating meat over the last few days does have me feeling a little sketchy. I find my myself looking in the mirror and feeling my muscles to see if my mass is slipping away. LOL After learning that out of the usual 200 grams of animal based protein I was eating I was probably only absorbing half or less I am taking in right around 100 grams of plant based protein right now and plan to up this as I discover more of the foods that are allowed on this cleanse.

Well that’s it for now

Remember each passing minute is a chance to turn it all around, the choice is always yours!

Talk soon Robbie

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Ever thought about doing a cleanse?

Hey guys Robbie here

Well here we go again I’m gonna try another diet but… this one is really different. It’s and 8 week Cleanse and it’s all Vegan. I know that sounds crazy coming from a bodybuilder. I have been eating tons of meat since I started training and haven’t really stopped.

Then one day I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine who is a vegan and has been “educating me” well at least that’s what she says sometimes it sounds more like a lecture but we won’t go there on how bad meat is for me and pretty much everything else I ate. So after a few months of listening to her a few things kinda started to make sense and she really sparked my interest.

So here we are and I’m going to participate in and 8 week vegan cleanse. Yes it sounds as crazy to me as it does to some of you I’m sure as I learn more and go through this journey I will report to see how this crazy thing goes.

I am going to post the latest manual for the cleanse in about a week or so.

Talk soon


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