Best Abdominal Workout. Understanding The Abdominals

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Best Abdominal Workout. Understanding The Abdominals

Understanding Your Ab Muscles Before Your Best Abdominal Workouts

Before you go trying to accomplish something, shouldn’t you know how it works? It is like starting a business without a plan of action. The point is that before you begin your search for the best abdominal workout, it would be helpful to understand all the parts that are working while you’re trying to get a flat stomach. Before you invest time and hard work into your workout it is wise to understand the mechanics and what is at work during every movement. Here is the break down for you.

The Six Pack – When the thought of nice abs cross your mind you probably think about that muscle which can be found towards the front. It’s the one in the center of your belly, right below the chest area that carries down to the pelvic area. Introducing the Rectus Abdominis! This is the one that we all want “six” of! During your abdominal workout, if you’re performing a crunch it is your new best friend Rectus Abdominis hard at work.

Beyond the Six Pack – On the other side of your new best friend you have internal and external obliques. They are attached to the ribs and on both sides of the body. If you rotate your torso, the obliques are at work. The externals run diagonally while the internals can be found under the externals, on a slight right angle. When it comes to ways to lose belly fat, don’t forget about these little guys during your abdominal workout!

Transverse Abdominis – These muscles wrap around the spine and instead of involving movements they involve compression. They are internal muscles found within the layers of the abdominal wall. They are just as important as all the rest!

Now That You Understand What is Behind Your Abdominal Workout, Now What?

Although it is going to take a lot more than a crunch or two in order to drop unwanted pounds, now you understand what’s working behind the motion. Mix your abdominal workout with other exercise and foods that help you lose weight and you’ll be on your way to sure success. Now, if you attempt to try your new “business” of ab workouts, you can incorporate a “business plan.”

If you’re having troubling getting motivated or have reached a point wher you are just frustrated and could use some direction, it may be time to get in touch with Motivate Fitness! We can help you understand how all the muscles in your body work and show you ways to fight belly fat. Having success in any weight loss program is a lot easier with the proper coaching and guidance.

Chris York
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Certified Personal Trainer
Author – Motivate Fitness “Lean 4 Ever”

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