Fight Your Belly Fat – The Never-ending Quest

Posted by Robbie MacNeil on Apr 4, 2011 in Fitness, Nutrition | 7 comments

Fight Your Belly Fat – The Never-ending Quest

What is the best way to fight belly fat?

Many people believe that carbs are the devil when it comes to fighting belly fat.  This is not necessarily true; in fact, a flat stomach diet can still include carbs.  The trick is finding the right kinds of carbs – the ones that are good for fighting belly fat and keeping weight to a healthy level. The problem that many people have with carbs is that we tend to stick to refined carbs, or those which are processed. They cause a spike in insulin levels and can make us hungrier, make us gain weight, and actually make us retain more water if they are combined with too much salt.

Sometimes it can be tough to figure out what the right kinds of carbs are when you want to lose belly fat, but in reality you do not have to give up your favorite foods.  You should look for low carb foods at the grocery store, and focus on whole grains as your source.  Whole grains are ideal because they do not cause the spike in blood sugar that refined or “white” carbs do.  Whole grain pastas and breads are important for you on your “lean quest” and you should fill your shopping basket with them regularly.

Remember that moderation is the most important thing when you are trying to shed the pounds, even with whole grains as your primary source of carbs.  Keeping calories monitored and right for your body weight is important.  It is possible to lose belly fat and still stay lean as long as you work on keeping your carb level moderated – and eating the right kinds of carbs.  Avoid processed foods and starches that have little nutritional value.  Anything that is a “white” food will kill your success in any weight loss program and should be eliminated.


Fight Belly Fat With Vegetables and Fruit?

Keep your white carbs to a minimum, eat lots of vegetables and some fruit, and incorporate a little bit of lean protein into each meal.  High fibrous veggies and fruit are great for fat loss. They contain dietary fiber which is low in carbs and keeps you more full for longer periods of time. Yogurt is another good source of protein that is easily digested and doesn’t add too much fat to the diet.  In fact, non-fat yogurt is best for getting some extra protein and calcium, and is one of those foods that burn belly fat.  Protein is a good way to fill up as you won’t be getting too many extra carbs.  Just be sure not to eliminate carbs from your diet completely, as they are still necessary for the body to function.

If you are careful about maintaining your six pack abs diet., you can see pretty substantial progress in just a short amount of time; especially when it is combined with the proper training program.  Every day you should try to get some physical activity, even if it’s just 15 minutes.  The key is just keeping in control of your diet, and if you do have days where you notice yourself slipping, forgive yourself and just try to get on track again the next day.  Everyone succumbs to temptation now and then, but you can focus on eating “brown” carbs instead of the white kind and keep your belly fat level to a low.

Watch this video and let the Motivate Fitness team teach you how to beat belly fat for good.

Robbie MacNeil

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  1. Danielle says:

    Hello fellow Libra!

    Wasn’t sure how else to reach you, but this is very motivating and great advise! Thanks for the a restored trust in this truth you’ve given. I’m pleasantly surprised and wish the false impression of my “actions” wasn’t perceived the wrong way in my character. Feedback is always welcomed =) You can reach me at my e-mail.

    Nice to meet you!

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