Ever thought about doing a cleanse?

Posted by Robbie MacNeil on Oct 3, 2011 in Vegan Cleanse | 1 comment

Hey guys Robbie here

Well here we go again I’m gonna try another diet but… this one is really different. It’s and 8 week Cleanse and it’s all Vegan. I know that sounds crazy coming from a bodybuilder. I have been eating tons of meat since I started training and haven’t really stopped.

Then one day I was having a conversation with a dear friend of mine who is a vegan and has been “educating me” well at least that’s what she says sometimes it sounds more like a lecture but we won’t go there on how bad meat is for me and pretty much everything else I ate. So after a few months of listening to her a few things kinda started to make sense and she really sparked my interest.

So here we are and I’m going to participate in and 8 week vegan cleanse. Yes it sounds as crazy to me as it does to some of you I’m sure as I learn more and go through this journey I will report to see how this crazy thing goes.

I am going to post the latest manual for the cleanse in about a week or so.

Talk soon


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